The logo is available in a few different graphics formats, depending on the application.


JPEG version of logo, 1.6 MB


PDF version of logo, 332 KB


TIFF version of logo, 3.1 MB

Generic presentations

We've put together a generic IGAS presentation, in case you'd like to include some slides in an upcoming presentation. It was prepared in keynote, so this version has nice animations etc., but the PDF version should at least be reliable. It was exported to PowerPoint on a Mac and only the most obvious errors were fixed (also on a Mac), so use this version at your own risk.


keynote version, zipped ~12.4 MB


PDF version, 4.4 MB


PowerPoint version of logo, 8.7 MB

If you're having trouble with the embedded animation of the global air traffic in the presentation, the .mov file can be found here (password-protected).